What’s the point of being quiet

They tell you to be quiet

They tell you to not mind it

All of life is being loud as shit.

When I’m dead I’ll be fucking quiet.

Until then I’ll be loud as all shit and

Be fucking alive, living.

I’m gonna notice every single bit of all of it

And I’m gonna keep the commentary running

They tell you to be quiet

To not cause any commotions but

I don’t know how else to be this way I just

Am a conscience bigger than your fucking

Attention span. I don’t want to be limited to just

One lifetime I want to make noise

For generations. Like it or not we are all

Alive here, at the same time

Somehow aware of each other but just not

Interested, at all. Searching for some sort of

Silence that no one can offer. A sigh

An embrace, something

I can’t get from anyone, not even

My own mother. What is it we are here for —

Silence? Then why does

Everything I feel come out like a shout,

Crying, somehow.

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