I hear lately

That the youth call

Some nice guys


Definition on wikipedia–


Simp is an Internet slang term describing someone who performs excessive sympathy and attention toward another person, typically someone who doesn’t reciprocate the same feelings. This is usually done in pursuit of a sexual relationship.

Maybe my peers did that as well but like–

I don’t think so…?

I was always looking for them!!

I love nice guys–

I am one of those, most of the time.

I get taken advantage of like it’s my hobby, and

I’m not that proud, honestly.

I feel kinda sad that

Niceness and generosity are now equated with

Weakness and desperation. I suppose

In a world where everyone has everything

At their fingertips, being nice

Seems desperate…?


All the instant gratification services in the world

Can’t be nice to you

Without expecting something in return.

I suppose that is where

The fear is born–

The simps are made fun of

Because presumably, a simp

Wants something in return…?

In my day we called those guys

Creeps. Twerps. Jerks.

Not simps. We didn’t attack their

Niceness, we attacked their

Hidden motive. That is what the problem was

Never the generosity, or the kindness–

The bait, trap, and expectation that

If a man is nice to you–

You owe him something in return.

How did we go from

Identifying the hidden jerks, to

Mocking sympathy, mocking kindness

Mocking emotions in men of any kind, besides

Rage, dominance, and “logical thinking”

You know, the kind that results in them

On top somehow, no matter what the problem.

I hate men that do basic decencies

And expect great favors in return, but I also

Can’t for the life of me explain

The amount of misogyny in this definition.

The hatred of emotion, sympathy, any kind of

Behavior that garners attention, besides of course–

You know–

Dominant behavior.

That kind is okay, that kind

Is for men.

Not to mention, the

People I’ve met who think

Feminism and empowerment is about

Being the worst that men have been

Without needing to worry about

Anyone or anything besides

Their own ass. I suppose

That is what some men have done, but honestly

If that’s what we had all been doing

For centuries, I don’t think

We would’ve lasted.

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