Simple Carbs/IHBYIIWY2

I understand

More than anyone

That I have a weight problem, however

What I don’t understand

Is why so many people

Without my problem

Insist that they have solved it

When in fact

Their problem set

Has nothing to do with mine

Whatsoever, same way

Their opinions come out like

Diarrhea of the mouth

Well-intentioned but

Enough simple carbohydrates like

Shame, pity and resentment

Makes you gassy and

Unable to make friends.

So many simple minded idiots

Talking down to me about

Their own anxieties and fear

Not understanding what it even means

To be so contemptuous

To reduce a human being

To the appearance of their flesh.

Trying to convince

Self-hating lonely faggots and

Various other lost souls I meet

Who think my body is reason enough

To disrespect me— they never even notice

The pity I feel for them, being unable

To connect with anyone they don’t see as

Good enough, judging people’s health

By their looks and not their actions

People who give diet advice

To people exercising at the same place

At the same time, people

Telling fat bodies they can’t function

When in reality their brain

Isn’t capable of empathy or understanding

Just a simplistic overgeneralization

Of why they’re better off

Than some fat idiot they don’t want to be

Well, guess what

I’d hate being you

If I were you too

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