Since When Do Gays Care About Fertility…?/Trans Youth are Other People’s Kids/Ozark

Only when trans rights are at hand, right lmfao

If you spend more than

2 seconds browsing Twitter with my

Sleeper cell account you find about

A dozen or so

Concerned queer citizens

Who drink koolaid and do meth and

Insist that

The “transgender craze

Is castrating young gay men”

Or that

The “transgender craze

Is motivating lesbians to cut their tits off”

Or that

The “transgender craze is radicalizing our children” into doing

The things queer adults live shame filled,

Contempt filled, regret filled lives that

No sane individual would ever choose for themselves —

So they’ve gotta make it some sort of think piece

For others children because

The loudest objectors have no kids to protect

To speak of.

The vast majority of trans youth

Come from cis hetero homes.

Trans youth (other peoples kids, lmfao)

Want a better life for themselves

So that they don’t end up making the same mistakes

These old bitter queens do.

What I find alarming

Is when adults care tremendously

About youth genitalia.

I find fake news

In the queer and trans community to be

An epidemic of sorts.

Much, much more so than

Chosen, paid for GRS.

Is it easy to access hormones?


Is it easy to rush into surgery?


Is it easy to be a young gay kid

And hate everything about yourself

And the world you live in?


Does it make it better

To join the fight

On the enemies side, and try to

Speed up the end?


Are young gay boys being castrated by

Evil agendas?

That was a few centuries ago— for

lil’ castrati boys

Didn’t hear much outrage about

Y’all’s eunuch sex slaves alas

If you dare flip a dick

Or pop out a ball—

Twitter tends to

Go fucking insane.

You wanna talk about protecting youth?

How about protecting them from

Eating disorders, sex addiction, drugs, alcohol and

Relationships devoid of intimacy.

Fix that first and then maybe you’ll have

A soapbox to stand on when you try and tell us

That supporting trans youth is irresponsible.

Queer people have enough problems of their own

No need for pro-bono freelancing.

Again if I had a dollar

For each gay person who feels it is important

To speak to cis heteros on behalf of trans people

About the dangers of transitioning —

Id have a piggy bank exploding.

What do I know about old gay guys

Who talk about young penises a lot?

They aren’t exactly “philanthropists”

And if they are, I’d be suspicious

Maybe I just watched too much ozark at once

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