Some Fat Trans Inbetweener/”This Is What Trans Looks Like”

“This is what trans looks like”

I’ve never seen one of those posts

That didn’t irritate me

I don’t think it’s normal

For cis people

To wear shirts that say

“This is what cis looks like”

I suppose they just want you to be


At how cis passing they are

Considering they are wearing a shirt

That says

“This is what trans looks like”

But again

If you complain

You’re jealous

If you’re complicit

You’re also an asshole–

Lmfao remember when

Contrapoints tried to rationalize

Morality as a form of contempt?

Imagine if murderers did that–

Oh wait, they do

It’s called the death penalty!


I kinda want to get a shirt

That says

“This is what fat looks like”

But the truth is

Nobody would like, share

Or subscribe!

Nobody wants to look like

Some fat trans inbetweener.

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