Some Men Look Like Danny DeVito/Wanting To Be A Gimli

A big part of why I write it all down, why I

Record most of it, and why I live


Is that I think it’s important

To be honest about my perspective

As I go through this transition.

I think it’s quite odd that

I am both unallowed to talk about

Body image issues and trans people

While I, as a trans person

Have body issues, and gender dysphoria.

The only acceptable narrative, the only one

People sympathize with

Is one that leaves you skinnier.

It doesn’t seem to matter that

When I went to therapy

They told me I needed to lose weight

Before I even knew whether or not I was

A man…

As if that makes one lick of sense.

It never matters that my mom asked me

If I was doing all of this to lose weight

In the first place…

It doesn’t matter that HRT

Doesn’t give you one response, one reaction

It doesn’t matter that top surgery

Unequivocally, without a doubt

Leaves you with a thinner shadow.

It doesn’t seem to matter

To the greater trans community

That some men look like Danny DeVito.

We’re all in this for the same reasons–

gender dysphoria

Which I guess

Has one cure–

Lose weight, build jaw line

Buy a nice dick and

Stop whining.

My issue is why can’t I be

A fat man with pride

In the queer community,

Unless I identify

As a sexualized stereotype, or a bear

Or some kind of cute animal avatar

No one thinks is healthy to aspire to be?

Why can’t I just be healthy

And be me

What is so unbelievable about

Wanting to be a


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