Some People Misunderstand On Purpose

Here’s the thing–

There are a lot of things

I want to say, but I can’t.

I think that’s why I haven’t made an episode

TBH I just don’t feel comfortable anymore

I don’t trust what ya’ll hear

I edit and I practice and I write and I edit summore’ but

It won’t matter given that

Some people misunderstand on purpose.

It’s hard for me to be honest on my own fucking show

Wouldn’t that make anyone feel like they just wanna stay home?

Also, the scariest thing about our society

Are the thought policers, the ones who

Hate what you have to say, and instead of

Being able to disagree, have Socratic debate, they

Spiral into a storm cloud of hate

Righteously proofed with the anger they feel

Mad about whatever it is anyone else has to say

Sometimes they just don’t want to hear anything

In my opinion, nowadays–

Most people are babies.

Staring at their phones, their ipads

Nursing on their electronics like they’ve got

A margarita nipple on-tap.

If you dare say anything about

Anyone else, you open the door

To whatever else comes next, which

In all honesty, is usually just

Utter madness.

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