Somebody You Haven’t Met Yet

Non-binary Means Different Things To Different People.

Not sure how many poems I have to write about this

Before I feel like I said it– I guess I will just keep trying–

Non-binary means different things to different people.

It doesn’t mean surgery. It doesn’t mean hormones.

Some people do those things, and let me tell you–

The overwhelming majority of these detransitioner stories

Are from people who now identify as non-binary

At what point do we, as a community

Have to draw some lines in the sand

About who gets surgery and hormones and who doesn’t

Also at what point do we,

As a “community”

Acknowledge that some trans surgeries

And some trans medications

Are dangerous, and irreversible

Without being called a “transphobe”?

How am I a transphobe…? For encouraging caution

Safety, oversight with these issues?

If you want trans people to exist

Safely and without a hitch

You’re gonna have to care enough

To make laws and regulations

About our care and practices.

One size does not fit all, but I think

It’s about time we look at the available options

And include the bad statistics

When new patients come to talk to us.

Also I think that “gender therapists”

Should really emphasize

The irreversible permanence of transgender interventions

You aren’t signing up for a beard and a jaw line

You’re signing up for a new life, with new hormones–

As somebody you haven’t met yet.

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