Son-thing/Compulsive Liar Cunt

It must’ve been so hard for her to

Spend Christmas with my family nervously

Twittleing her hair continuously and

Staring at the ground and

Pushing their gifts to the side because

She doesn’t love their son-thing.

It must’ve been so hard for her to introduce me to her friends after

Making up all those lies about me and being

Ashamed of my weight, ashamed of my face, ashamed of my everything.

It must’ve been so hard for her to be with someone who

Did everything for her and took all the blame she couldn’t and yet

I’m still over here feeling sorry for her because

She’s never made a single decision of her own.

For nine years she was waiting for her family to break up with me because she

Couldn’t bear saying the truth once.

What a compulsive liar cunt.

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