Sooooooo Angry

I wish I could be as delusional as a cis man

These motherfuckers

They genuinely think people

Control their menstruation, they also think

Boobs weigh a certain amount

According to size

I found this article written by a guy

Explaining in his words

“How much a boob should weigh”

Per breast, per measurement.


It’s almost like misogyny

Gets reincarnated into different forms

Indefinitely like some sort of conjuring universe

Or like the gay men who think

Top surgery is for trans men

Who are too lazy to lose the weight

Lmfao so fatphobic so sexist so reductive and self-loathing

“My tits shrank when I lost weight so

All women with big tits are fat whores”

Again I have to remind myself

Murder is illegal

But again

I have to remind myself

That my fat ass father

Sent me to nutritionists and fat camps and

Shamed me professionally all while

Serving himself enough food

To fatten an army.

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