Special Treatment

People hate anyone that gets anything.

Positive or negative —

Jealousy is omnipresent, the other thing about it is

That if you bully, punish, discriminate

Otherwise ostracize and humiliate

A person

And then yell at them

And say they are doing this

Playing the victim

To “feel special” it’s like

Well— where do you think they got the idea from…?

Maybe the way you treat them or the way their experience

Oscillates between what’s normal and what’s not. It’s easy to hate a unicorn

For being special, it’s tired and boring

To scale rainbow fish, it’s honestly just kind of

Atrocious, hunters hunting what makes anyone special besides

Monetary value— lest anyone get distracted

From what really matters— the most special among us

The self-righteous warriors

And the embodiment of those ideals, the people who

Demand special treatment with special churches and

Special neighborhoods.

The people who are most certainly

“Not special” and don’t at all live their lives

As many degrees separated as is possible.

Yes, go ahead

Make fun of people for wanting to

“Feel special”

As if that isn’t somehow universal.

Maybe it’s time we acknowledge that

Each one of us is longing after something special, and

That’s what makes life worth it.

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