Spectrum Of Binary

Okay back to the drawing board see

After spending entirely too much time

On the intersex society of North America’s website

It’s hard to deny that sex is binary.

Humans do not and cannot create

True hermaphrodites.

My plants upstairs—

When they get stressed enough

Will literally grow nuts

And impregnate themselves

Making seeds for the next round of hope—

That, folks, is a true hermaphrodite.

Functionally contained within itself—

Male and female sex characteristics in the same body, working.

Maybe they reproduce asexually, but not sure if that is

Officially part of the criteria.

I’m starting to see that gender studies has used

John Money and the Reimer Family

As a sort of circus to prove their own assumptions—

Much like Money did, much how we got all these problems lmfao.

Problem is— David Reimer

Was born a boy

And no amount of gendered socialization

Had any effect on him.

For whatever reason—

This cis boy being turned into Jane

Is used across the United States as proof that

Trans people are who they say they are.


The motherfucker had an accident in a circumcision and

A pedophile doctor stepped in to help.

Worst. Case. Scenario. For everyone.


Not only does this scenario have

Nothing to do with intersex children but

It has nothing to do with trans kids either

This scenario is about

A cis boy

Who was socialized as a girl

Who was molested by a doctor and his own brother

And later in life— both brothers killed themselves.

Do y’all really want to reference this

To make a point about anything?!

I’m doing it simply because

There is no point to make here.

It’s just a scandalous tragedy

Designed to get the attention of a classroom of freshmen and sophomores

Designed to spur conversation on

Gender, socialization, medical intervention

And most of all—

How strong is the instinct

That each of us know who we really are

David knew, so did Brian.

The whole situation is the stuff of nightmares and yet

I’m supposed to sit here

And listen to people point to it as proof of non-binary

When binary+ is the best pitch you’re gonna get—


If sex was a spectrum

Intersex people would be fertile

They’d have functional parts and

They’d be true hermaphrodites and

They’d perhaps be

Reproducing on their own.


They don’t.

Is sex a spectrum?

Seems so, but there is

No man’s land in the middle—

Where we all start in the womb and

Where none of us end up.

We are all born zygotes and the rest is

Hormonal messengers

Giving us what the code asks for.

Ain’t nobody a true hermaphrodite

The idea of looking in between

Is something you can achieve

Naturally, but functionally—

We are on a spectrum of binary.

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