Sports Are Complicated/Colosseum Of Fuckability

Goddamn the whole sports thing.

Folks I mean c’mon —

It depends on the sport first of all

Then it depends on the individual.

These articles be like

“This trans woman won…!”

“This trans woman lost…!!!”

“What will happen to womens sports…?!?”

I dunno maybe just make them

Inclusive and more people will watch….?!?!?

Jesus fucking Christ also I mean

C’mon folks

Stop pretending like

There is zero difference and

There will never be a difference and

All of the reasons to have doubts and concerns

Are simple transphobic cluelessness—


Not a single record

Would be left standing

If Janae Kroc competed.

Bitch is my goddamn hero and

She won’t compete in womens lifting

Out of respect to those athletes.

Do I think it’s fair

That trans people

Seemingly have to choose between


And professional sport?

Nope. Do I think it

Means anything at all

To keep referencing

Single individuals

On different sports

Claiming they are somehow


Of 50% of whichever sex

They decide to compare to

I just

All sides

Both sides of this argument

Make me dizzy and sick

I don’t believe for a second

That all the articles on earth

Are gonna do a damn thing

To change peoples minds about

Gender and sex in sport

Testosterone— it’s affects and effects

Are the whole debate

That’s what steroids are folks

To say that testosterone doesn’t give you

Any sport advantage

Because of somebody you admire

Winning or losing and

Saying something you agree with—

Sorry not sorry but none of it is

Compelling, none of it is evidence.

At the end of the day

Janae Kroc will always have been taking

Testosterone in higher doses

For longer than me

Even if she never detransition again

For the rest of her huge strong Susan Strong life

As a human in Ooo

I wonder why it is

That articles are the only weapons

We fight with.

Trans people in sports is a

Highly individualized

Complicated issue

And out of respect for women like

Caster Semenya and Serena Williams—

It’s absurd to pretend as if

The previous system wasn’t flawed as fuck too.

At the end of the day

Sports are where

The general public decides

Who is super fuckable

And who is a loser.

I guess, when I put it that way

The source of the debate is much clearer…

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