Stale Bread

I’ll never forget when I

Reached out to my

Cis white hetero lady friend

About a place to stay for

One night. She asked if she could

Be on my podcast, then she asked

If she could control the topic

Then when I said

I’d gladly interview her about

How she doesn’t need a podcast like

Mad About It—she

Turned on me, and said I couldn’t stay

Because I had a cold and she couldn’t afford

To get sick. Because— you know—

I can?


This, as well as countless other instances

Are why I can’t have

Cis white hetero friends—

They are all fake savior types

Insincere and self-interested

Too self-absorbed to know

That a trans person

Might not want to be like them

Might not respect them

And might not settle for

Crumbs off a piece of stale bread.

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