Storm System

Out of nowhere

The sun came out

And the madness stopped

The rain let up

And the winds died down

I looked inside myself

And saw an opening

It stirred my soul

The eye of the storm

A moment of alignment

A moment of peace

I could feel deceived,

When this moment is over

And the storm resumes

I could try and

Chase the storm

Find the center

Stay in the eye

A full-time commitment

Or I could accept

That my storm is waiting

Right outside

No matter what I choose

I would say

I am between a rock and a hard spot

But I’m not

I’m between blissful ignorance

And stormy despair

Not much middle ground, here

I wish I could offer you

Something less stormy

But nature really doesn’t care

If you’re ready for her

I work hard towards

Getting stronger

Trying to hold up

Better, stand taller, and

Make it through

These disparaging passages

Maybe it’s just because

I’m standing in the eye

Sure of myself as if I’ve

Never felt rain before

But I’m feeling strong enough

To venture out on my own

I know that I can build myself up

I have been torn down before

I can brace myself,

Ready myself

I can weather this storm

Because now–

I have you!

My own private eye-land

My personal peace

My lady liberty

The rain doesn’t feel so cold

With good company

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