Straight White Men/Real Men Don’t Bitch

Most of the trans content I see on social media

Glorifies and empowers trans women

And weirdly

Humiliates and silences trans men.

The only approved speakers are

Born- female enbies and trans women who are

Uplifting people of identical identities

The only motivating and uplifting content

I ever see about trans men

Centers ENTIRELY around top surgery whereas

Trans women’s content is all about self acceptance, empowerment, and

The choices you get to make, trans male content is about

How funny it is that you’re short, and how

Shitty and “in progress” your beard is, and how

We have “dykey faces” mannerisms despite

Rejected by all lesbian resources—

Add onto that being told you have

“Privileges” in the workforce such as

Being discriminated against on the regular but

Unable to say a single peep

About Jack shit

Because real men don’t bitch.

Why does it feel like I’m the only one who notices that

Nobody treats “trans men are men”

Like it’s a fucking actual real statement

I see absolutely


Of my trans experience being represented

Mostly because the only people

Anyone cares about transitioning

Are trans people who fit the narrative —

The rest of us are just awkward and

Nobody gives a single bit of a shit

About empowering trans men, especially not

White ones

Because intersectionality in practice makes it so that

There is a hierarchy of who gets the microphone

It doesn’t seem to matter if you’re trans or not—

Straight white men are not welcome.

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