Super Duper Embarrassed/ The Right One Is Out There

Wow idiot of the year

Blocked within an an instant

I guess I’ll wait till we’re 50 or something.

Or never right I mean

That means nope in

Every language.

I guess you can’t come across as sincere when

You’re desperate and lonely and

I guess you can’t text somebody after years and

Overshare because you might

Scare them off because you’re

Obsessed and it’s fucking

Weird as hell. Thank god I have

Skills. Maybe she’s changed

Maybe she never liked me

Maybe I’m just super fucking creepy or

Maybe she thought I was rebounding

The idea of that confuses me

Or maybe she is just super offended by me texting her

Right after a breakup I mean

That’s so offensive to some but

I don’t want anything from her but some

Company. I guess for whatever reason

I never even got the chance to explain my plans to be

Single for a year. Oh well.

The right one is out there.

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