Support Women!!!

Support women!

Women can be leaders too!


All these empowering messages

Being shouted around me

But never directly to me

I’m not really a woman, you see

I’m far too ugly

I’m not conventionally “sexy”,

Whatever that means to you

I am the opposite.

I’m not particularly bubbly,

Talkative, intuitive or

Good with kids.

I wish you’d stop pretending

You’re supporting me

When your whole message

Is about boosting yourself

Excluding non-conforming women is worse

Than being sexist to their face

You’re worse than all those men

Paying you less than your fair wage

You pretend to be a feminist

But what you really are is narcissist

Supporting those who look like you

Act like you, think like you

A select few are good enough

To be considered women

The rest of us are

Bulldykes, surly and just plain

Not on the list.

If you need me, I’ll be out there

Attempting to be an activist

In sea of mostly-dead idiots

I won’t call myself a feminist,

You’ve ruined the name

Instead I have to defend myself

And insist I’m in it for everyone

At least I’m not lying

I just wish I could say it louder

Prouder, not so watered down

But alas, I am a bull dyke

At least I’m brave enough

To wear that crown

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