Survivalist Creativity

And then it’s like

Well what do you do instead

Of feel, what do you do

Instead of be crushed by the wheel?

Do you drink?

Do you smoke?

Do you go on a walk

And never stop…?

Do you forest gump it or do you

Become a business mogul?

What do you do

To escape the way you feel?

To me, the feelings are inescapable. They come

From inside, and I am cursed to listen to them so

I write, I play, I draw, I create

As a method of delaying the inevitable

At least when I’m frustrated

By what I can’t do

I’m not being drowned by the feelings

That I can’t control, you can always

Create a more manageable, more enriching obstacle.

I am not a creative because I like

Arts and crafts and shit out my ass

I am a creative for survival.

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