Taking Back Transsexual

We need to take back transsexual.

When I first made the podcast

The internet told me that it was a bad word.

It told me–

That it is outdated. Nobody uses it–

Some people find it offensive.

Now that I’ve transitioned

I find that calling myself a man

Really, truly, and effectively

Reduces my experience.

I am not a man. I am a transgender man.

There’s a difference.

I changed from one gender presentation to another, I am

Now physically bodied and gendered as male.

I am a transsexual.

I am not ashamed of that word and I wish

You weren’t teaching people to become ashamed

Of who and what they are, I wish I didn’t have to be ashamed

Of being born female. I wish it wasn’t a secret

I had to keep like I was a dead person

I am not dead I am here

I am living– as a transsexual

I am taking back the word and I feel powerful.

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