Tar Pit

I no longer take recreational drugs.

Before I transitioned, I took

A lot of recreational drugs.

Now I don’t.

This is because

I think

HRT made me feel

Much, much less empty

I don’t have issues with

The black hole that tells me to kill myself

That shit sealed up

It took like, a year or so

For the blood to clot, but

Yeah — It’s healing over

I don’t even bump into the wound anymore

To be honest, I just kinda

Float, a little bit above

Where I used to be, the

Sinking in a tar pit, you know–

Like the one in Princess Bride.

That’s where I used to live

And then

HRT threw me a branch

Dragged me out

And now–

I survive.

I still have loads of other problems

I still take loads of prescriptions, and still have to go

To the doctor and the hospital

Waaaay more than any twenty year old dude should

But I’m not

Living in a deadly tar pit, anymore

So yeah, I feel

Pretty fucking grateful.

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