TERF Ice Cream/Have Some Self Respect, Goddamn.

TERFs be like

“TRA’s all think and say the same shit– it’s insane!”

While licking the shit out of JK Rowlings asshole–

Fresh daily.

Talk about two girls one cup tho

Jesus christ these people

It’s almost like they rewrite history

Everyday with themselves as the victim.

I wonder what that makes

Miss America, Uppercunt mars–

Woman of the year in my awards!

The strongest bull dyke in the pen

Protecting all the anxious self-loathing feminists

From having to face the fact that

Their mediocrity has

Nothing to do with gender or sex.

It’s amazing how such a small little

Pretend man can convince himself that

Somehow he is not a woman despite all of the

Biological advantages he has being a

Shorty cunt bitch with some serious

Dyke face, to quote one of his own

Detransitioner interviews.

Did it make you feel like a man

To make yourself voluntarily infertile?

Goddamn man have some self respect–

I’m begging you.

I’m tryna hold a mirror up to you but

You have so much baggage I can’t fit it

In one frame. People like you make me sad.

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