That, and the Whoring

People are like


She’s not yours

You broke up with her so

You can’t be mad about her

Being a whore”

But I can see because

I just am.

She did it on purpose she

Never loved me

She controlled me

She manipulated me

And she prevented me from leaving

So many times before she finally

Found someone else to date.

How do I know she was cheating?

Not because of the condoms

Not because of the timing

But because she fucking

Asked me what I thought of him

Like I was her best fucking girlfriend

Why is it disrespectful for her to be fucking him already?

Because she wanted to do it while we were together and fucking

Prevented me from getting what I wanted.

She was petty, mean, jealous and

Hurtful when she could be. I stopped letting her near me

Our relationship was a nightmare and

The sheer idea of her

Not understanding that she played a part

Is what I find so disgusting.

That and the whoring.

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