The Angel Divorce/Loaf-Sized Breadcrumbs/Rats Nest In A Sewer/Alimony

I can’t.

I can’t stop finding insane breadcrumbs

Buck Angel leaves everywhere

About how shitty and stupid and pathetic his whole life has become.

Loaf-sized breadcrumbs.

Elayne Angel

Was the breadwinner

Buck Angel

Was the crumb-grabbing loser

The reason she screamed in court

That he is a woman

Is so that she wouldn’t have to pay the motherfucker alimony

Because she made all the money.





for shame

FYI Elayne Angel’s net worth is

Bullshitted and

His is the exact same way

They both have an estimated net worth

Between 1-5 mil

Lmfao how do you say

Inheritance” without getting more crumbs

Has trackable income from her art and work
Elayne’s Net Worth
“Buck Angels” net worth 😅 no trackable money/ aka living off of alimony

Lord have mercy.

Artist? Sure. Successful? Maybe.

Maybe she’s a maybelline or maybe she was

Born with it, IDGAF

But what I do find scandalous

Is the movie no one made

About this court case …!!!

It’s the juiciest gossip I’ve ever heard.

A divorce case where

A pornstars wife refuses to pay alimony

Because of genitalia. All for the sake

Of protecting her assets, most of which —

Presumably, were inherited.

It’s a bit complicated when you consider that

She probably wouldn’t have had access to

Most of the people that made her career successful

Without him— it’s just a mess.

This is a rats nest in a sewer and

I wish I had been there to film it.

At the end of the day it’s just

Neither feminist nor manly.

Lmfao speaking of breadcrumbs all my

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