The Apocalypse Was a While Ago, Ya’ll

Y’all know the world is ending, right?

The apocalypse was a while ago

We’re in the fallout, now.

You’re all acting like you haven’t noticed

Like it’s business as usual out here

I miss when it rained acid because now

It’s raining ashes. The world is on fire

Idiots! Batten down the hatches

Why are y’all goin to work

Driving to the mall

Complaining about Sharon

Like it isn’t fucking OPEN SEASON OUT THERE

And we’re all not living in a barren wasteland

Of selfishness, greed, apathy and compassion

For all the most useless things

Compassion never helped anybody

Fight off a mutant steer

Born from radiation

Fucking help a sinner out !

The goddamn apocalypse was last year !!

Somebody saw off a shot gun

And put kerosene round my ankles

I’m headed out to get supplies

Gone and fucked myself over

I ate all my rations and

Choked down my tears

It’s lonely, out here

In the wasteland of fear

The only one still vulnerable,

In a sea of nameless, faceless

undead peers

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