The Becky-del Test

Finally I have a concise, repeatable concept

To share with all you headline-sharers—


The Becky-del Test

This test, unlike the Bechdel test

Is not about movies— it’s about

Real life relationships.

The only condition needed

To pass the Becky-del test

Is to have a conversation

With a fat person

In real life

That doesn’t include

—Diet advice

—Diet assumptions

—Exercise advice

—Exercise assumptions

—Self-depreciating humor centered around food, weight, or general gluttony

—Assumed lack of discipline

—Assumed lack of virtue

—Assumed stupidity

—Assumed unawareness

—Tiptoeing, so as to not upset the fragile, in-denial fat idiot


If you can’t have a conversation

With a fat person

Without assuming one (or all) of these things, you are

Part of the loud majority

That removes dignity from fat people, and in turn

Is unable to bear responsibility.

You are a bully, a fatphobe, a bigot —

Knowingly or otherwise.

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