The Broadening Of Binary Gender Ideology Through Absorption Of The Binary, Making Non-Binary Sex And Gender A Whole Concept Rather Than An Identity/More Of The Same Shittiness

I’m kinda getting to it I think.

Binary sex isn’t fucking real, folks.

Binary averages sure are, and

Biological realities, like chromosomes, are, well, real.

But binary sex– is perceived–

It’s expressed– some people

Insist on only male and female sexes, these people

Are wrong– we know that now.

It’s not up for debate, but

Whether or not

Non-binary is the sort of thing

That can be expressed physically,

Is irritating to me.

It’s like–

“How do I pass as both, neither and nothing?”

“Oh, honey–

The rando’s you meet in the world already have

Their mind made up about you.

Do whatever you want and

Stop trying to be read as something

Not a lot of people think exists”

Do I have an issue with non-binary cross-presenting?

Not at all– I have an issue with the folks who make it

Hard to get the point across–

That not all non-binary people are trans, and

Not all trans people are genderfluid– but

In order to be transgender

To begin with

You have to accept that gender is mutable.

You have to believe that the hormones are doing something.

To be one of these truscum trans guys who says

Non-binary folks are faking it– is to quite literally

Call yourself a faker.

Ya’ll– we all came from similar places, we all take

The same sorts of medications.

Why am I upset about nothing?

I guess I just wish

The trans community

Would do something besides fuck itself to death.

The infighting is getting to the point

Where that’s all that’s left!

I read some of these forums and it’s like

A bunch of teenage idiots at a bus stop

Screaming about how nobody understands them–

Perhaps you’re all misunderstanding eachother

On purpose.

A friend of mine said–

“You know–

The sexuality movement went really well, pretty quickly, didn’t it?

I wonder what the difference is”

I tried to explain–

First off, perception lmfao

cough cough AIDS also Reagan also

Anita Bryant.

The difference is

Nobody wants anything to do with us, not even

Us. It’s just bumper cars,

Angry, reductionist takes

Overcompensation in all ways, and then

At the end of the day

Nothing changes– just more

Outrage over outrage, more of the same shittiness.

Probably because of the internet.

The interconnectedness is just



Stop painting non-binary as something that is contained by trans ideas.

It’s reductionist. Also– not all non-binary people are trans.

It has much bigger potential if we open it up

As something cis people are included in, that reframes

How they might see the world, and where

Everyone else fits in it.

Imagine– a generation that treated genderqueer feelings

As a normal human baseline– how much less stigma would there be

If people could confidently come out as cisgender, heterosexual, and nonbinary

Without having to be trans, or join a cult, or

Change their hair, clothes, and lifestyle, like they joined an army.

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