Buck Angel’s Midlife Crisis/ Be A Dolly.

Folks here are some facts —

Intelligence, value, meaningful contributions

Are determined by the appraiser, not the


To me, as a volunteer appraiser

That nobody asked for–

I have always thought Buck Angel was kinda dumb.

I also learned about trans men

From him first. I owe him

More than just about anyone.

All this “Buck Angel is a problematic evil Terf bully” stuff

Is kinda like kicking him while he’s down, I mean

Come on ya’ll, he’s

Really dumb. It’s too much sometimes, almost seems

Mean to critique.

Buck Angel is gonna keep living

And he’s gonna keep talking

He’s gonna speak his truth

And he has a right to do so.

How much of a platform he has

Is up to him

And his money, his existing little

Egg of fame— it is up to him

To hatch it, and raise it from here.

Ain’t no chickens of mine.

I don’t lose sleep over his

Shit-covered egg that isn’t being

Kept warm by all this

Hooplah he’s making

Instead of just


Dolly Parton— is one of my idols.

I find her to be inspiring in ways

Few others can compare to.

She evolved and supported and encouraged

And loved all of us as if her career depended on it

All the way from the 60’s

To motherfucking today

She doesn’t smoke, she doesn’t drink, or at least

She didn’t on tour— and she is motivated

By the love she has for her community —

The Tennessee Appalachian community.

She has always know and seen and respected

All the different members of humanity

And I don’t personally think

Many people can compare to her gracefulness.

I’m not saying that

Buck Angel

Should be more like Dolly—

I’m simply stating

An alternative

To what people can do with their fame and money.

Some of them give back

Others take, some

Make stupid decisions

And see their fortunes wane.


That’s what’s happening to Buck Angel.

Instead of being a Dolly—

He’s waning.

He can no longer be relevant

In a porn industry

With the likes of

Crash Pad Series

Ain’t no fucking way

Is this old fucking tranpa grandpa

Saggy labia and all

Gonna stay relevant somehow

Without making some sort of stink–

The motherfucker is having

A midlife crisis

Because he lost his sexy…!

You think I’m kidding!?!

Fucking think about it for two seconds ya’ll

What was this motherfucker doing before he became

The angriest trans person on the internet….?


Talking to some fucking dickless redneck

Talking about the good ol’ days on

Howard Stern.

The guy has nothing more to offer us

He is not a community

He is not a tranpa, he is just

An old hat that nobody wants to try on.

Nobody needs

This motherfucker’s perspective, that’s why

He has to shout to be heard.


We all have two choices

You can be a Dolly–

Or you can be a turd.

It doesn’t help that he’s just

A regular guy

With no extra sort of qualities, like–

If you needed help with something practical

Like plumbing, or electric, or

Any other sort of guy stuff–

He wouldn’t be able to do it.

He’s a fucking dipshit, guy has

No ability to reason unless he’s

Getting off on it.

It doesn’t make you special to end up being

Just another guy in the world who isn’t

The brightest, and that sucks!

Trust me lol I know!

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