The “Burden” Of Male Privilege/Perspective/Proud Boys

Trigger warning it’s another f word poem.

In quotations because

Personally— I am not burdened—

I am running at full speed faster than

I ever have.

If gay men were treated the same way as

Lesbians there would be a much more dominant, thriving economy

Of cat cafes and farmers markets with softball meetups.

It’s hard to pretend as if

Some gay men

Aren’t fucking misogynist.

It’s hard to pretend as if

Some gay men

Aren’t fucking transphobic.

It’s hard to pretend as if

Some gay men

Aren’t fucking clueless —

It’s hard to hear the TERF arguments as if

Transphobes are somehow all

Uniformly bonded by their feminism… 😑

It’s hard to pretend as if

Our society does anything

But encourage narcissism

Regardless of identity

As a coping mechanism for survival and yet

It’s especially hard for me to notice

That the main reason

Gay men experience so much discrimination

In their youth

Is because they are being prepared for the burden

Of male privilege

A burden some of them resent

A burden some of them see

Women not having

And wish they were them

This idea of the

Glamorous housewife

Who does nothing

But get dick and exercise

It never seems to matter that this idea

Is a fantasy that has no

Reality until they might try and decide

To be a woman and yet

The main reason

Nobody cares if you’re a dyke

Is because it doesn’t fucking matter if you are or are not

Nobody sees a woman’s life

A woman’s body

A woman’s perspective

As anything more than a baby making cum dump

The very thing so many in the community

Try and organize because

They wish they had cum dumped in them

They wish they were housewives with no careers

They wish they didn’t have male privilege

The privilege so many women fight for

The right to be your own person

With your own career

Your own life

Your own dominion

Nobody cares whether or not

A woman has anything other than

A man, the very thing

Gay men hold so dear.

It’s bizarre to me, as a

Straight man with years of being a lesbian

Under his belt

Why any gay man on earth

Would ever be so stupid and sexist

As to fetishize not working, being a

House slave and being

Something that rejects every part

Of the privilege.

Sometimes it feels that

The definition of the queer community

Is actually just a group of behaviors

I personally find very troubling.

I can’t understand it and I never will, but who am I

Just some straight man

With a dormant uterus

Tryna make sense of the world

As he fits in it, and as he doesn’t.

I hear all the time about

Gay men being discriminated against

Growing up, but after that—

It’s just loneliness, parties, and giving fucks

All the privileges wasted on those who

Don’t use them, waiting around

Not being women but also too transphobic

To admit that every single one of their desires

Would be helped by transition. Instead they

Fuck money, pictures, status, hookups

Being money, attracted to money

Success attracted to status and vice versa

A beautiful body translating to status and success despite

All the individual issues that might coexist.

None of it is anything

Anyone would ever want to participate in and yet


I’m supposed to be fine with it—


Not fine—

Proud of it.

Let’s keep insisting somehow that

Rich white gay men

Are a “minority”

At any point past junior high.

To me that is the only representation

Any of us get

At any time.

Again, quotations around “burden”

Because it is not mine

Quotations around “minority” because

That demographic is somehow always first in line.

There are queers

There is being queer

And then there is being

A rich white successful half closeted fag

Who might as well be a Nazi with a pride flag.

I guess being a rich white man who is only friends

With other rich white men who only cares about

Money, status, and appearance

Doesn’t make you a bad person— it just makes you

A proud boy of a certain tribe that

No one is allowed to question.

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