The Crossover with TERFs and Truscum is Limiting The Conversation/Where No Diarrhea Needs To Be

There’s a lot of crossover with truscum and TERFs

Neither group chose their own name,

The majority gave it to them.

Instead of seeing

The bigger picture, they

Fingerpaint their own delusions.

Fear, anxiety, self loathing round

Every corner. Not a single person

In r/truscum

Is ever having a good day, folks.

Not a single one.

Neither are the TERFs!

It’s easy to draw lines however

They don’t share much besides

Those things.

TERFS are manhating anti-social

Princess-savior complex lunatics

Truscum are not inherently

Misandrous. They do not

All universally despise other people’s manhoods.

They don’t think men are the source of all evil and

Many of them still respect pronouns and identity.

TERFs, however

Are fucking insane. Not depressed from

Gender dysphoria— but depressed from

Their self image contrasted with society.

No self-respecting woman let’s herself

Be so limited to sleeping beauty’s balcony and yet

That is all they ever see.

Waiting for JK Rowling’s one good husband to come save them.

I don’t think trans people

Who acknowledge biological sex

Are to blame when it comes to

The insanity of radical feminist belief.

It’s just

Mixing the poop around

Where no diarrhea needs to be.

Anyway thanks for reading my piece.

I can’t believe any self-respecting trans person

Would hangout with TERFs and not realize

They’re just waiting for their identity to be over.

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