The Death of “Little Miss”/Pure Gender Bliss

My whole life

My dad has called me

“Little Miss”

In a very soft, nice

Beautiful tone, fit for a


I suppose this is the sort of thing

Trans women miss out on–

But for me, and my perspective

In my world

It was a fucking nightmare.

I fucking hated being called

Little Miss

Are you fucking serious!?!?

I’ve resented him a bit for this

My whole life, while also being

Totally helpless to do anything about it.

However, my dad has been

Processing my transition in various

Fascinating ways, and yesterday

For the first time ever–

He got so mad at me

He yelled at me.

He has never raised his voice at me once in my whole fucking life.

I am his “little miss” princess, after all–!

He got so mad he yelled, he

Literally never ever, ever does that. Never.

Never. I was like–

Is this motherfucker getting dementia?

Then I was like– wait


I think it’s even better–

I think “Little Miss” might finally be

Dead, to both of us. And now he’s just pissed

He has some dirtbag son

Who’s 20 years behind in every way, and has

No actual nuts.

Lmfao I have never been so excited

In my entire life. I have never

Felt more seen than I did in that moment

I was like, at first, really overwhelmed, like I said

Then I got crazy bad heartburn, I mean

My dad is like, enormous. Imagine

A grizzly bear, standing on it’s back two legs

And roaring at you–

I just couldn’t stop smiling for the whole afternoon.

The motherfucker yelled at me like I was a dumb piece of shit

For the first time in my life, I felt

Pure gender bliss.

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