The Essence Of Preference/Crossing Swords Glory Hole

My girlfriend and I had this funny conversation last night

We were watching crossing swords

And there was this glory hole bit —

And she was like


I never thought about it before but

A gloryhole would be an amazing opportunity

For someone to try dick if they wanted to

Without all the rest of the man that comes with it”

I’m over here, picking up my jaw



I never thought about it before

But some people think about being

On the other side, the receiving end

Of a gloryhole.”

And she was dumbfounded

She was like–

“What do you mean? Where else is there to go?”

“Lmfao excuse me

Do I need to be worried?!

Also– honey please

I would literally never, ever

Get on my knees at some glory hole. It’s never even occurred to me

Until this conversation. So I explained–

“The only curiosity I’ve had

About glory holes, is the vulnerability it would require

To stick your dick through a hole

And hope for the best. I’d always be worried

Some asshole would cut my dick off, I mean

You’re fucking helpless!”

She’s over there like

Mmmmmm cock

And I’m like

Mmmmmmm mouth

If this isn’t the essence of preference

I don’t know what is.

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