The Final Member

So I somehow started watching

The final member, a documentary on hulu

About the man who created, and tends to the

Penis museum in Iceland. He has a big fan,

An American man who wants to donate his penis

Who seems, honestly–

To be a bit insane. Or perhaps just


The problem is

The guy who tends to the museum

Hates the narcissistic prick

Who is completely obsessed

With displaying and immortalizing his penis.

He sends him way too many messages

In way too much detail

About how excited he is to have a famous penis.

The Iceland guy is literally like

Wtf is this guy’s deal, leave me alone, I’ll have

This old guy’s penis instead, after he dies


Back in paradise–

The old man who promised his penis after he died

Is too ashamed

Of his tiny old man dick

To show it in a museum.

He now, seems to have

Cold feet (dick?)– if you will.

Does anyone else notice

The paradox, lmfao?

The young cocks are too into it

To be able to let go, and the

Old cocks are too obsessed

With the memory of their young cocks

To admit that they’ve shriveled.

How can any museum capture

The essence

Of a prick, especially one

As common as the one

They’re all obsessed with?

You can’t keep the youthful essence,

You can’t keep a dead erection–

You can’t ever quite put a finger on

The thing that makes men stare so longingly

At their own genitalia–

Is it the idea of the cock

Or is it something

You actually need to touch

Would it ever be enough? always stuck

Between what it could be, and what it was.



I just got to the part

Where the American finds out

That his dick won’t be the first one.

I can’t even fucking–

I can’t with this Tom Mitchell shit.

Elmo may not be the most famous penis in the world,

But I sure think this guy is a dick.

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