The First 6 Months Of HRT Were The Hardest For Me/Chemmy Jones/Valid

I see all these videos on YouTube like

“This is my first ten minutes on t”

“This is my second round of 42 hours on t”

What the fuck though people

You are literally making your content

For people who are not on hormones—

I get it. But like

Do you have to sensationalize it?

For me it was not some fun thrilling recreational strain

I’d always be more likely to recommend

Some chemmy jones

If that’s what you’re after—

I was literally morphing

My jaw grew

My fat moved

My arms ached and

I got my first ever skin infection.

That’s when all of the nastiness

Crept in.

Little tiny baby doses

Building up my levels, taking

Micro amounts, having them compound—

Since then— things have sort of

Stabilized now that I’m finally on

A regular dose with regular levels

As if I had balls, but

When I was in between

I was sick, I was anxious

I wasn’t bald…! But

That’s about the only positive.

I don’t understand what the goal is

As a woman who was misdiagnosed

With PCOS I can’t understand

Why you’d want to mimic it.


None of this is sexy it’s just

My authentic experience.

Guess nobody wants that they just want to be


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