The Good Things About Growing Up In Church/Oophh Watch That Holy Warrior Tone/Agnostic Is So Angsty

Religion is a tremendous source of

Philosophical pain for me, however

Growing up there

In retrospect

Did me a lot of favors. For one thing

I am able to socialize with basically all Christian type people

They are easy as fuck to navigate usually

Predictable, stupid, slow moving and painfully judgmental (I kid I kid, or do I)

Ain’t nothing I don’t know how to handle.

It also gave me

Much better manners


Than my internet activity might otherwise lead you to believe 😅🤣🤣🤣

It also taught me

Storytelling, music, and community.

Before I started podcasting

I deeply considered

Being a preacher instead. Alas

I have very few concrete beliefs ! 🤣🤣🤣😇

They change they update and

My depression often gets the best of me.

However I play in church and I

Visit family and I have respect

For human life and dignity

As a soul, separate from a body, separate from

A life, a job, a past present or future

I have respect for life itself and

All it’s bumps and bruises

I don’t often see this in other people

Which made me think

Should I be preaching?

I’d be more impactful

But I will just keep

Preaching through poems and

Music and community

In the way I feel fits

My beliefs most comfortably, a fluid

Profit less venture

Designed to make others

Stick around for as many years

As they’ll have me. I think there is

Little difference between art and religion

I think artists have a responsibility

To create inspiration for others even if

The work they do is dismal it’s about

Pushing energy into other people

However possible. Anyway

Thanks for coming to my lunch break sermon

Just reflecting on how I can be

A better person,

For all our sakes, not just my own.

Oh god now it’s almost kind of a

Holy-Warrior tone….

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