The G’s

Trans women over here insisting that

The misogyny they experience has a

Trans-edge to it, a trans-misogynistic web

Of trans-specific misogyny.

What do you call it

When a trans man’s masculinity is

Mocked, belittled, cast away?

What is the term for the phenomenon

Of saying “I’m trans masculine”

And people laughing, saying

“That doesn’t exist”?

What do we call that?

Problem is– the woke left would have to acknowledge

Misandry as a thing, which is

Anti-woke lmfao.

So if we can’t acknowledge misandry, if we can’t

Acknowledge what is happening

To trans masculine people

Who are perceived by society–

What is that called?

Are we back to misogyny again…?

Do we have to acknowledge that

Trans women get their own kind of misogyny

And trans men

Still experience misogyny after transitioning?

That’s what it seems like to me, as I am

Not born a man.

I don’t understand–

Trans women are women and yet

They have their own

Specialized kind of misogyny….

Trans misogyny…….

If trans women are women

Why not call it misogyny…!?!

An explanation would be that

This is regular misogyny that

Women, trans and cis alike, experience– and

Trans men experience

Misandry. Alas these concepts are

Not welcome in the brainwashed

Tik-tokked instagram reddit society.

Due to a complete lack of words

Allotted to me, I am left

With trans-misandry

Or, sadly

Just regular-ass fucking misogyny

Trapped in a world where

My masculinity is superficial, and somehow

Trans women are the only trans people

Who experience discrimination.

Globally, no one listens to feminists

Who discredit male experience–

Why is it that in the trans community

You aren’t even allowed to be proud

Of your masculinity

Unless you look like someone

Who defies the expectation of

What others think trans looks like?

Even then, many people

Especially gay men, people who

Hate being called women, and

Hate women’s bodies–

I have to sit here and ignore the fact

That many gay men treat trans men

Like dykes. No one enjoys

The truth, only enjoy

The surprises, the discrepancies

They only want to hear about

Their allyship and positivity.

I don’t think it’s fair

To blame straight people

When the loudest people with

The most influence in the LGBTQAI community

Have always been, and forever will be

The g’s, the people with

The most money.

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