The Honorable Judge Becky

I’ve been daydreaming

For about six months

About going to law school

Busting up some books

With my face

And brain stuffs

Running circles ’round that

Academic workload

Changing the channels in my brain a bit

So I can understand the lay of the land

‘Else I get hosed by some legal shit

I ain’t never wanna have to deal with

Clearly I will be more eloquent


And in different circumstance

For now

I can still be a rough-neckin’ fucker

Hell-bent on righteous revenge

What better way is there

Than to be

A motherfucking judge!?

Who runs the world?

Judges. Honestly

In a lot of ways, they make

An enormous difference.

In some other ways

They are decoration

Robots churning out verdicts like

An operation.

I’m sure I’m being very

Grandiose about all of this

But Judges seem important

So I’m thinking

I might be

Better served,

Doing that.

You know, instead of

The musician life, teaching and

Slobbering through each month,

Praying for something that

Just might not ever come.

The Honorable Judge Becky

Has just as good of a ring to it

As all the other songs I sing

Too bad I’ve got

All these excuses

In my way


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