The House That Jack Built/I Should Direct Queer Horror/All Around Us

I watched the house that Jack Built, and honestly

It was all very Faustian to me

I felt that he was glorified

By the filmmaker for his

Superfluous sense of dominance and

Omnipresence, the sort of narcissism

Only a director or conductor can possess–

The constant comparison to Glenn Gould, well–

I found that a bit offensive…

But mostly

I was mesmerized

By how a movie that tried

So brazenly to push boundaries–

A movie hailed as being

So disturbing, so gratuitously gory

That it had no purpose–

I found it a bit amazing

That in 2018

Men are still obsessed

With chaining women to radiators

Speaking to them like dogs

Cutting their tits off like they are

Made of silicone.

I was astonished that


Was the scariest thing, the most offensive

Most disturbing thing

People could imagine–


Personally? Well–

I know of a plastic surgeon

In Kentucky

Who makes this movie seem like

A rom com.

I wonder when the world will be ready

For queer horror, you know–

The kind that goes on

All around us

Without anyone ever

Batting an eye.

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