The Most Offensive Poem/Attractive Qualities/Much Less Lonely, Much Less Anxiety

I don’t talk to faggots anymore

I don’t talk to gay men

Who think the world revolves around them

I don’t talk to femme women

Who do the same

I don’t talk to performative people

In general

As much as I can avoid it.

I am not sexually attracted

To anyone or anything I am

Attracted to health, and people that make me feel

Safe. Which is why

I can’t talk to faggots anymore.

Maybe it’s my problem, but I’m

Done pretending that my life is somehow

Better with faggots in it– the opposite has been true–

Every minute.

Why is it that you have to be

Loud, muscular, thin and

Sex- addicted–

Anxious, defensive, mean


In order to fit in ?

Why do you have to be willing

To treat yourself like shit

Just because you’re queer

And you have to talk about it–

Ever since I stopped talking

To gay men I feel much more normal–

Ever since I stopped talking to

Faggots I feel much less lonely.

Ever since I stopped going

To the trans guy meeting

I feel much less dysphoric, and

Ever since I started going to the doctor

And taking care of myself

Like a regular fucking human in society

I suddenly have

Much less to complain about

Much, much less anxiety.

Maybe we need better

Trans healthcare, or maybe

We need to stop pretending

That the LGBTQAI identites

Are a community, and start talking

About how all of our needs

Are different, and the cookie cutter

Is chopping off whole bits of people

In the name of “progress”

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