The Music Is Coming Back

Slowly but surely

Nine years of having my life force drained

I’m recovering. I’m feeling

Amazing, there is color everywhere

My body is strong and sturdy

I am healing and growing

No one is here to tell me

I’m less than I am and it’s showing.

I hear music I used to love

As a kid when I was

Able to feel something other than

Nothing, even when all I was able to feel was sad

At least now I can feel that.

She was always trying to control

How I felt, so I stopped feeling

Anything at all, because I didn’t want her

To know how disappointed I was.

The resentment grew like a steady crescendo and

I wailed on the chorus, and she ignored it

Until I went full distortion

And then suddenly I was too metal

My classical sensibilities completely disregarded

The sort of musician that makes you forget yourself

She took me from me because she was jealous

Anyway, none of this matters because

The music is coming back, I am

Able to heal, I am made of something

No one can steal, something

Nothing can destroy.

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