The Myth Of Estrogen Purity/From Their Perspective

At the core of these

Olympics issues with

Testosterone levels in

Women’s sports is a sort of

Myth that women

Don’t make enough testosterone naturally

To be muscular, strong and athletic.

There seems to be some sort of myth

Or misinformation

That a natural woman’s testosterone levels

Should be almost non-existent.

I’ve always had low testosterone

And I’ve always been strong

I’ve been misdiagnosed with

PCOS for the longest time and

They didn’t even need high testosterone levels

From my bloodwork to diagnose me with

PCOS— they say they need it— but they don’t—

It’s a grab bag disease

For all unruly fat women

With unruly bodies.

I find it super bizarre and

Uncomfortable that these

Olympic athletes are being punished

For their natural hormones

And I’m being punished

Despite my lack of hormones

It’s almost like

People will just discriminate against you

Willy nilly

With whatever instinct they are feeling

That day when it comes to

How real a woman’s body is to them—

From their perspective,

Never ever yours.

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