The Penguin

This is a 100% true story from my childhood

Not saying that the other things are lies

But this isn’t even exaggerated

I left out more damning details

Enjoy my adolescent fervor

The Penguin

I used to journal

Everyday when I was little

But eventually

My inside voice friend told me

My writing was stupid and

My life was dumb

So I should make up stories

Those were also

Fucking stupid, my voice told me

So I stopped.

Then I drew

Cartoon penguins

In a whole story sequence

For a girl that lived

Down the street from me

She was a ballerina

I was a peasant, but–

I had humor and

Cartoon Penguins

I figured my shot

Was as good as any

So I went for it

I wrote her an

Elaborate cartoon series

With multiple volumes

Delivered in sequence

About a group of

All girl penguins

That loved each other

But some weird cool awesome

Boy penguin

Came in and

Destroyed their friendship love

And the boy penguin

Was gradually

Distanced, threatened and

Tortured by the

Strongest, boldest girl penguin

The rightful penguin lover

All in some

Creepy ass

Weekly volume series

Delivered by hand in her mailbox

It’s incredible to me

That I haven’t been

Arrested yet, I’m so glad

They know I’m just

A sappy hearted

Penguin, raised in the

Sewers, searching for

The love of a family

That resented me and

Rejected me upon birth

My every instinct

Disgusting, much like

My obsessive penguin

Cartoon series of

Love and murder

I wonder if I’ll ever meet

People I feel kin to

Or if I’ll have to keep

Living under society

In the sewers

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