The Petras Problem/ Is It Transphobic If None Of The Cis Stars Can Sing Either Lmfao

I can’t imagine being a pop star nowadays

It started with Katy Perry’s firework

Then went to Adele’s various live flops

But the standard

For artists like

Kim Petras

OR Sophie, RIP

Or Mavi Phoenix

To sound the way

Their singles do

Is often more than they can provide,


It was a bit heartbreaking to hear Kim Petras

And Troy Sivan

And honestly

Any of the queer headliners nowadays

Except lil nas—

All of them suck ass live

I get it, it’s the whole

Billie Eillish problem —

You got famous humming into your laptop

In your bedroom

and now you’ve got to go on stage

And do something besides

Press play.

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