The -phobia’s

I don’t, personally feel

That transphobia, and homophobia

Are worse in 2021, or soon to be

2022, than fatphobia.

Xenophobia is worse for sure.

Racism seems to be peaking, but I’m youngish, so idk–

I think it’s pretty odd

That there are so many

Internet queers screaming about

Transphobia and homophobia

Because of Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Tumblr ect.

I think it’s even weirder

That I have to pretend

As if the awkwardness

That I’ve had meeting my

Partner’s friends and family

Has something to do

With my gender and sexuality, when

In reality, they all just seem

Confused and disappointed

That my partner, a marathon runner,

Or my ex, a personal trainer

Is/was hooking up with some neckless fat thing

They can’t respect!

Being trans is honestly

Just a thing they come to, after someone tells them–

They always think

I’m a fat man

With the biggest tits they’ve ever seen,

Proportionally, at least.

I don’t want to keep making this resource


That transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, panphobia

All the other phobias

Are real, and that


Fatphobia, the phobia I’ve been

Thrashed with my entire life, is somehow

Not a thing! LMFAO


I would sooner say

That homophobia is dead

Than ever say something as stupid as

Fatphobia, and thin-privilege

Don’t exist.

I can’t imagine being that privileged —

I’m jealous! But,

Not of all the hatred.

I don’t have enough hatred in my heart

Or in my bones

To talk to anyone

The way I’ve been talked to, perhaps

I need to spend more time on reddit

So I can learn to be

A proper idiotic, empathy-less, perspective-less asshole

As for things like

Being denied medical treatment due to your identity,

Being misdiagnosed and mistreated by professionals–

Fat people experience that

Intersectionally, more than

Any other demographic.

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