The Queeranon Theory/Your Sex Is A Part Of You

And then there’s this whole other theory

The Queeranon theory

That traditional ideas of what

Trans is and isn’t

Have shifted so much

That what we are now seeing

Is trans people, who might’ve previously

Transitioned without wanting all of it,

Picking and choosing

What they are more or less comfortable with,

Without doctors getting in their way, without

The need to go off the grid.

Bottom surgery is expensive?

Don’t fucking have it.

Naturally flat-chested?

Why bother with them?

Allergic to HRT, worried about health consequences?

Option b–

Just don’t fucking take it.

I will say, however

That the main reason

I advocate against microdosing

Is because, medically, you just get

Low hormones on both sides. You don’t

Really avoid the fire, you just

Dance on the side of the fire pit

Instead of jumping in the pan.

Arguably– the pan is safer.

That’s my issue, anyway

Speaking of which, I forgot to take my hrt

I should go do that, hold on–


See– the attention span is shorter on this theory lmfao

Cuz it doesn’t really hold weight, see

Perhaps there are loads of nonbinary people pursuing surgery

Or perhaps these people are transgender people who are uninterested

In the excessive removals and modifications

One must make in their life

In order to transition to the other sex, or gender.

Loads of people identify as nonbinary and then

“Stop”, and then identify as

“Binary trans”

Why can’t I accept this? Honestly because

Being “binary trans” and being nonbinary are not mutually exclusive

You don’t have to make a choice

People on reddit be like



My issue is

Stop saying someone who is binary presenting

Can’t be nonbinary

Just because they are transgender–

Literally everyone accepts that you can be cisgender

And not transition

And identify as nonbinary.

Does that make that person trans?

In the sense that medically transitioning means transitioning from

One gender to another, presenting, hormonally or surgically–

Then nope.

In the sense that anyone who identifies as trans

Regardless of circumstance, regardless of presentation

Then sure– anyone who identifies as trans is trans.

Without exception.

^this presents sooo many logistical issues, such as

How do you count a community or a population

That needs help, according to what the memes say–

How do you help people

Who can’t be identified in any traditional way?

Do we create a third gender option

For people to take advantage of, or do we

Create a third option for people

To be segregated by–

Your choice, ya’ll–

I think the solution is to accept that

Sex, is something that is immutable.

I am thinking about this so hypnotically largely do to the fact

That now that I’ve had top surgery

I am eligible to change my birth sex.

I have philosophical problems with this.

It’s not accurate to say that I am male–

I don’t have any of the same considerations

Logistically it gives me anxiety.

Will it be kinda nice

To get my pills from the pharmacy

As a male…? I guess so yeah

It would be “validating”, whatever that means to ya’ll, but for me

It isn’t validating to lie.

It’s weird, and misleading.

For example when I go to the red cross

I have to tell them I’m transgender,

They say I’m female on my application.

My blood gets a different label.

I don’t take it personally– they help me have

Dope cbc levels.

Anyway– I don’t think it’s important

For me to tell the world that I am

Male on my birth certificate, that of which

Is also a lie. I was born female. It’s not

A personal issue for me, it’s a fact–

I think it’s erasure to insist otherwise because

If I had been born a boy I would have had

A different life.

How do I know that?

Fucking look around. Unbelievable denial.

The proof of gender and sex discrimination is all around us

I can’t believe the same tribe

That championed feminism and equal rights

Fails to see the irony in

“I was born the way I identify, just gaslighted”

Did I enjoy being born female and being raised as a girl?

Are you fucking serious? It almost killed me, but

It doesn’t have anything to do

With whether or not I should say that

I have a certain anatomy.

Can surgery and hormones ease my pain?


But they aren’t making me born again, they just help me

Live through the day, without being at odds

With everyone and everything around me.


What am I saying? I think I’m saying

That the angriest and most outraged among us

Have the most growing to do, and

No matter what gender you identify as

Your sex is a part of you.

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