“The Right Kind Of Weight”/Fat Is A Disqualification

I’m starting to think that

Plenty of dudes in the sea

Enjoy being beaten, enjoy being

Disrespected, enjoy being


It’s obvious to me that

Many trans men

See fat as feminine

Preach about the way

They have saved themselves from

That sin, been spared

From that image

How it “helps their dysphoria

To be thinner, but they also

Need to gain the right kind of weight

To look more masculine”

And if you dare say anything

About how fucking stupid and sexist and

Sizeist this idea is


Surprise surprise folks

That’s not the kind of narrative you’re supposed to spread

The only approved topics are things

That tell you what to reach for, not things

You already have !!

What kind of self-loathing paradox

Would you be stuck in

If you couldn’t somehow blame

Dysphoria on everything

Lmfao I can’t even


Fat has no gender

Gaining or losing weight

Should have zero impact

On your gender dysphoria

But just so you know

Being obsessed with weight

And “health”

However you define that

You might be surprised to find

That your idea of a healthy body

Is one that looks hot to you

Which, honestly

May never come true, considering

How gender dysphoria can affect you.

What am I suggesting?

I’m suggesting that

The trans community has an honest and open conversation

About the inherent fat phobia in our culture and our meetings

And how many, many of us

Started out with eating disorders

Before we ever knew we were trans.

Why you think that

HRT is some sort of magic cure all

That prevents you from being

A self-loathing prick, is

Fucking beyond me.

First thing I’m doing

When I’m strong enough

Is a breakdown of how there is more

Fatphobia and fatphobic gatekeeping

In the LGBTQAI community

Than there ever has been fucking

Biphobia, transphobia or hatred of lesbians.

It doesn’t matter

Which part of the alphabet soup

You’re talking about—

Fat is a disqualification

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