“The Right”/“Male Brain”

I’m halfway through the book

And despite Shrier insisting throughout

That she consulted with trans people, adults and children of all ages

Throughout the writing of this book

It really reads as if she wrote it

Furiously in an airport

Not letting anyone else edit or go over it

Besides maybe her husband or

Some other biologically male brain she deems

Respectable. It doesn’t seem like

Another perspective ever set foot

In her consciousness, and she often

Mocks and belittles feminism while also

Insisting that trans people are anti-feminist, like

Pick a side, lady

You can’t hate women so much you don’t trust

Any of their decisions while also

Demanding that they be supported enough

To make “the right” decision —

No matter what happens with transgender rights

People like Schrier will always misunderstand

Write, protest and complain

Because at the end of the day

She is angry that anyone is telling women

That they can be men,

Which is a huge problem for someone who

Loves cock so much, she gets enraged

Just at the thought of going down there

And not finding a “male brain”

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