The Right To Nut

Sometimes I think

The essence of what

Men’s right’s folks are getting at

Is the right to nut.

As if someone is taking this away from them…?

They’re like

“I want a wife who cooks and

Has dinner ready and

Blows me after work and

Raises my kids and smiles the whole time

Because that’s what women are supposed to do–

They’re supposed to take care of me and my children”

I’m over here like–

Every single line of your poem

Reads like a fetish, to me.

That’s 100% fetish

And you’re just walking around

In modern society

Complaining about how

Nobody here is giving you your

Right to nut, completely.

Are you… are you serious rn?

Fucking please yourself, the way

All women have to.

You don’t have a right to nut

You don’t have a right to fuck

Nobody owes you sex and

Nobody wants your cock!

Cumming is hard, I know!!

Just ask any of the women who

Don’t have orgasms until they’re

Almost fucking retired, yo

Sex is not easy, and pleasure is tricky

Nobody owes you anything,

And please, for the love of god

Keep your fetishes to yourself!

3 Replies to “The Right To Nut”

    • Becky WTGH

      Lmao. So it’s okay to limit abortion access because you have intimacy issues ?! I stand corrected, the entitlement knows no limits.

  1. dapoet62

    If a woman can murder her child in the womb – what is there to stop her from murdering her partner while he is sleeping? It is simply a matter of character and no longer wanting to deal with the emotional turmoil and conflict women insist on bringing into their intimate relationships.

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