The Rise Of The Trans Masc Inferiority Complex /Testosteroned TERFs

There are a lot of

Trans guys out there

Who struggle with various issues related to

Growing up female.

A common, knee-jerk

Easy to hate, convenient choice

Is obviously the trans women

With the other type of fruit.

The dicks and balls they

Wish they didn’t have

Undeniably hits a tone with those

Who are jealous. Myself included!

I am grateful for my

Transsexual phase mostly because

I went, I watched, and I left accordingly.

Buck Angel, the truscum, the

Testosteroned TERFs

Shout from the rooftops about athletes

They envy, athletes like

Lia Thomas and Laurel Hubbard

People brave enough to do

Instead of tweet jealous nonsense.

The real issue here is—

When I had my transsexual phase

I was faced with

A very awkward and uncomfortable observation:

If trans women are biologically advantaged

Then I, as a trans man, am biologically disadvantaged

It’s the truth! You can’t make the claim

That a few years of testosterone evens the field.

It’s hypocritical when compared to the truth that

Trans women who take estrogen

Are the exact same people you’re comparing yourself to.

What about their discontinuation of

Testosterone and their

Large bone structure and their

Male privilege and their height and their stature

Applies when you acknowledge the elephant in the room—

Every single one of those qualities

Makes a trans man feel like less of a man

It only makes sense I mean

Buck Angel has nothing going for him,

No job, no career, his transphobic bullying

Has gotten him removed from basically

All modern queer spotlight.

There is no yellow brick road, but

The TERFs are an awful lot like Oz

Sitting behind a curtain, wishing and hoping

Creating witches and demons as a reason

To keep the gates closed. Alas —

There is nothing to fear but fear itself.

At the source of each

“Trans women are men” tweet

Is a very small, sad, lonely woman

Who feels disadvantaged and

Entitled to more than she is given.

It never seems to matter to these

TERFs and Testosteroned TERFs that

If they had any merit

The work force would reward them,

They could simply just

Be the athlete they are searching for—

They could simply

Read about Schuyler Bailar

Alas!! Sigh!!!!

He doesn’t prove any of their points

So he is always and forever

Left out of the discussion.

How sad I mean

Here he is

Doing the thing they bitch about not having

And not a single one of them cares.

It’s almost like

The real point is that they want an award

For not having a dick and not making a life

For themselves.

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