The Stars Told Me/Taking Care Of Me

I shouldn’t publish it but

The stars told me

They said —dude—

You’re going to have someone

Come into your life mid-month

In a way you didn’t plan.

Someone who has been there for

A long time. Hey man

Don’t shoot the messenger I’m just

Saying what I heard

Direct from the forces of nature.

I swore it was gonna be that girl

I’ve been texting for a few weeks but

I sure ain’t complaining.

I need someone in my life who is

More like me, I don’t care about where they live.

I need a confidant. A colleague.

A fellow poet.

Not to mention of course,

Sinner is back.

I don’t even know who to write a song for now

I think I’ll just keep bitching and moaning and

Writing about my ex. That kind of stuff

Is popular as all hell.

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